Newlywed arrested for assaulting bride, child

Joshua Wade Ingram, photo courtesy of J. Reuben Long Detention Center

Joshua Wade Ingram, of Wallace, has been arrested and charged after police say he struck his new bride's arm and slammed her 3-year-old daughter's head into her car seat.

Police responded to a domestic dispute at 4408 Highway 501 and when police arrived, Ingram's wife of one day said her husband is a recovering alcoholic and that morning he had disappeared for over an hour, according to the report.

Police say when Ingram returned he appeared to be intoxicated, so his wife suggested they go home. But during their travels, his wife told police Ingram got angry with the 3-year-old for accidentally splashing water on him in the car.

She said Ingram then turned in his seat, grabbed the daughter's head and slammed her head into the car seat, according to the report.

At this time, she pulled the car over, told Ingram to get out of the car but he struck her with a closed fist in the right arm, the report said.

Ingram was charged with Public Intoxication, Criminal Domestic Violence, and Unlawful Neglect of a Child.