New traffic light to be put up near CCU campus on Highway 544

The South Carolina Department of Transportation is putting up a new traffic signal and pedestrian crosswalk on Highway 544 near Costal Carolina University's campus.

The university asked for the light after a student was killed crossing 544 last September.

Freshman Elizabeth Gorshack was hit and killed. Another student faces charges in her death.

Coastal's Chief Operating Officer Eddie Dyer said her death wasn't the only reason for the light.

"We were already talking about how we were going to get this done and we just accelerated after that," he explained.

Dyer says the project will cost roughly $100,000 and is being funded by the County Transportation Committee. He says the project has hit a few roadblocks along the way.

"That's one of the reasons that it has taken so long to get this signal up is because the poles had to be specially constructed because of the measurements for this particular project," he said.

Gary Goss, who owns Kg's Graffiti Garage, a restaurant right across the street from where the new light on 544 said he's thrilled it was approved.

"All these kids have to go right across the street and cross, it's just safer for everybody," said Goss.

Many students agree with the new light. But others say a crosswalk would have been enough because the light will lead to more congestion.

"You have the people who work who are on 544 on their lunch break and you have all the college kids coming out as well, so it's like traffic," said Coastal student Brittany Barry.

The light is expected to be up and running by the second week of August, just in time for CCU's fall semester.