New traffic circle could be coming to Singleton Ridge Road

A new traffic circle could be coming near the intersection of Technology Boulevard and Singleton Ridge Road, according to officials with the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

In 2011, TRIP, a national transportation research group rated Singleton Ridge Road one of the most dangerous rural roads in the United States.

Heath Blanton, an Horry County resident, knows just how dangerous this road is. Less than eight months ago, his daughter was involved in a wreck just a few hundreds yards from the intersection of Singleton Ridge Road and Technology Boulevard.

"A woman came head on into her lane and hit her head on," Blanton explained, "She had head injuries, chest injuries and arm injuries where she was holding on."

Blanton's daughter was not the only one involved in a wreck along that road last year.

In 2013, there were forty-four known collisions along Singleton Ridge Road, according to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. One of those was fatal.

This could explain why the SCDOT is considering improving an intersection along that road, something causing mixed reactions among commuters.

"I think it will work if the people know how to use it but if they don't know how to use it, it's going cause more problems then what we have now," Blanton explained.

Trisha Walker, who works just off Singleton Ridge Road, said she hopes it gets built. "I just think the roundabout down here at Coastal and Horry Georgetown Tech has been very successful, so I think that a roundabout here could do the same thing for this community."

Officials with SCDOT still haven't confirmed when the project will begin and if funding has been secured.