New terminal isn't taking off just yet at MYR

courtesy M.B. Kahn

The unveiling of the new Myrtle Beach International Airport terminal that was set for January 25 is being delayed to March 19.

Construction company M.B. Kahn says that Hurricane Sandy and one of their material companies going bankrupt contributed to the delay.

"It's not unusual in construction, and we just felt it was better to sort all of this out and get it done correctly before they try and open the airport," said Bill Cram with M.B. Kahn.

Cram and Airport Director Mike LaPier went before Horry County Council Tuesday evening to explain the delay.

They say the could have opened the new expansion, but they wanted it to be perfect.

"We're really excited about moving into the new building and being able to showcase this marvelous facility, and really when you walk through it, it is marvelous. It's not too much to ask to wait just a little bit longer to get to do that," said LaPier.

LaPier told council the project is still under its $118 million budget and that the delay would not affect that.

The pictures above were shown to council and the public Tuesday night of the project's progress so far.