New task force created to help same-sex couples gain more equality in SC

A new task force out of South Carolina was launched this week to help same-sex couples legally throughout the Palmetto State.

The Post DOMA Litigation Task Force was created by SC Equality out of Columbia and is made up of half a dozen volunteer legal professionals.

Ryan Wilson, executive Director of SC Equality, told WPDE NewsChannel 15 that the group was created after the group received a slew of questions from same-sex couples across the state in regards to the supreme court's ruling in June.

In that ruling, the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, was deemed unconstitutional and same-sex couples were granted equal protection on a federal level.

The new task force aims to answer a wide variety of questions people may have from how to file taxes to social security benefits.

"Our legal team is going to go through what they know about the case law, look at what situations are happening to folks and try to find some solutions that will protect their families and kids," Wilson said.

Wilson said the group will also take legal action in some cases, if it is necessary.

"They are going to take the cases and find out where are real situations of discrimination, and if that means bring a court challenge to laws in our state to make sure that the recognition occurs on a fair and just basis, both, between straight and same sex couples," Wilson said.

The task force encourages people of the LGBT community across the state to share their stories if they need assistance.

To find out how you can share your story, click here.

South Carolina is one of 37 states that does not allow same sex-marriage.