New stores are being added at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach

Barefoot Landing - North Myrtle Beach

Ten new shops are opening at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach, as the complex marks its 25th anniversary.

Some Barefoot store owners say this is a hopeful sign of things to come.

Rick Kligman, who owns Klig's Kites, is one of nearly 100 shops and attractions at Barefoot Landing. Kligman's thrilled the new shops and cafes are opening at the complex, especially considering just a few years ago, Kligman said his business was really struggling.

"Our buying practices changed to relate to that and to deal with that but when people go on vacation they're just going to be a little bit more frugal with their dollars," Kligman explained.

But Kligman said after the recession, his business really started to turn around. Barefoot Landing's marketing director Kim Kelley said the new shops should add to that.

"Anytime you have more tenants and a bigger variety it's going to bring more people and the people are going to have more opportunities to shop," she explained.

Irene Thomas, a tourist from Delaware, said the more variety the better.

"They don't want to come here and just shop, shop, shop. They want to eat, shop, hear music, see variety shows," Thomas said.

Barefoot Landing also has a new owner, the Burroughs and Chapin company, which are improving the complex by adding a new music system, refurbishing the wooden walkways and eventually adding fountains. Kligman thinks this is just the beginning.

"People ask the question is something going on out here and I go, oh yeah, there's going to be a lot going on here."