New Myrtle Beach start-up announced by the end of October

Cowork MYR, a Myrtle Beach organization that aims to get other business off the ground, is officially getting ready to execute its first business.

The business concept was dreamt up by Ray Antonino, the chief operating officer of ADA Approved in Myrtle Beach.

His group assesses commercial businesses in our area to make sure American Disability Act (ADA) requirements are being followed after the Department of Justice implemented new regulations in March of 2012.

Antonino has designed a way to streamline the process of assessing commercial businesses to determine if they have adequate amenities and facilities for people with disabilities.

The method tends to be time-consuming and cumbersome with the lengthy manuals and circuitous instructions, Antonio acknowledged.

Cowork MYR, however, has helped Antonino develop a tablet computer program to streamline the procedure, which will help Antonino, as well as others in his line of business, do their job in less time.

"Just taking into account a company like our that performs an assessment on average that takes us 30 to 40 hours for any given small hotel, we believe that just through this process alone will help us to achieve that within 8- 12 hours," said Antonino.

Eight people from Cowork MYR have been helping to take Antonino's concept to a product that will interest potential investors.

In six weeks Cowork MYR will have helped Antonino create a Minimal Viable Product or MVP which allows the product to be screened and deployed to a small subset of potential consumers.

Antonino has plans to show off his concept at an official ribbon cutting ceremony on Oct. 24 at the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce.