New law cracks down on rundown homes in North Myrtle Beach

Any home without functioning utilities and running water is no longer allowed in the city limits North Myrtle Beach, now that city council passed an ordinance Monday afternoon in response to a number of complaints of an unfit dwelling in Cherry Grove.

Bill Rice lives across from that home on 25th Avenue.

He explained that on several occasions the city has been over to haul off human excrement.

"They've hauled off five gallon buckets of human waste and on occasion, it's my understanding they've been urinating in the back yard in clear sight of neighbors," he said.

Rice added when his front door was kicked open twice, he installed motion sensor lights around his home.

Other neighbors echoed Rice's sentiments of disgust.

"I have never seen anything like this in my life where something hasn't been done in this amount of years. I think it's time we need to put this to an end," Caleb Serge explained.

North Myrtle Beach City Council got the chance to put an end to it Monday when they passed an ordinance that makes it illegal to own a home without functional utilities and running water.

North Myrtle Beach city spokesman Pat Dowling said the issue was something that had never really been addressed in the state code or the local code until now.

He said this case sets a precedent so that others don't have to experience what Rice and his neighbors have been dealing with for two years.

According to Dowling, council will hold a public hearing to give the owner of the unfit dwelling a chance to get functioning utilities.

He said if the cost of fixing it goes beyond the value of the home, the city has the right to order it torn down.

The owner of the home did not attend Monday's meeting.