New jetpack attraction makes waves in Myrtle Beach

Jetpack Adventures - Company Video

A new type of water sport has splashed into Myrtle Beach but one city council member says legally it shouldn't be allowed.

Jetpack Adventures is a sport that allows customers to fly up to thirty feet above the ocean with the help of thousands of gallons of water pressure, but Myrtle Beach

city council member Wayne Gray said it isn't legal under the city's current beach and boating restrictions.

"My application of the law is that currently the only things that are allowed are jet skis, banana boats and parasailing, anything different than that is not allowed whether it's renting a surf board, renting a catamaran or renting this jet pack," Gray explained.

The law he's referring to was passed in 2011 when the city of Myrtle Beach restricted the launching of jet skis and motorboats in the summer months in certain areas, with an exception made for operators who were already licensed at the time to operate banana boats and parasailing rides. The city has granted jetpack adventures a business license.

"The city manager has apparently made a liberal interpretation of the code that allows these type of activities. I disagree with that, I'm not saying that I disagree with the activity, but I disagree that the way that the law is currently written that it allows it," he said.

Jetpack Adventures started operating on Saturday. Co-owner Charlie Belissary said it's important to look at the bigger picture.

"Do you go to a waterpark and they don't add a new ride, do you go to Nascar and they don't add a new ride, we're in the water sports business and I think as long as it's within the guidelines of how we launch and retrieve our craft, I don't think that's an issue," he said.

Councilman Gray asked the city's Beach Advisory Committee to look into his concerns. At the meeting Wednesday, the committee decided to support Jetpack Adventures.

City council will continue the discussion about the jet packs at next week's council meeting and could decide to revoke the company's license.