New flu vaccine could be hard to find

A new form of flu vaccine designed to prevent four strains of flu instead of three could be hard to come by.

According to the Centers For Disease Control, out of the 135-139 million doses of influenza vaccine set to go out this season, only about 20% will be quadrivalent - preventing four strains.

None of those doses will be coming to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center or to Conway Medical Center.

"We order our vaccine way ahead so we have to know its going to be available and we chose to go with a trivalent," said Winona McLamb, a Infection Preventionist with GSRMC. The trivalent is designed to prevent the traditional 3 strains of flu.

We also checked with a CVS Pharmacy in North Myrtle Beach, where a pharmacist told us they won't be carrying the quadrivalent doses.

We asked McLamb if people should be concerned about not getting the newest form of the vaccination. "The CDC has indicated the trivalent is what we can go with this year," she said.

There's also been breakthroughs in finding out how different strains of flu are related and how one vaccine could treat them all. "They're hoping to be able to use that information and develop a more universal vaccine so that we won't have to continue to get vaccinated every year and its going to be more protective," McLamb said.

The CDC also reports most nasal vaccines are expected to be quadrivalent, but if you're interested in the injection form, McLamb suggests talking to your doctor.