New details released in murder of CCU student

CCU Murder scene

On February 26, Anthony Liddell was shot to death at University Place apartments which are off campus sanctioned housing for Coastal Carolina University.

Marquis McDonald was arrested March 1 and Stephon Mclain on March 6 in connection to the shooting. Both are charged with Murder.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 obtained the arrest warrants for both McDonald and McLain.

McDonald's warrant says that McDonald and Liddell had arranged to meet at University Place apartments. Once there McDonald got out of a car and spoke with Liddell before shooting him three times.

Liddell died within minutes of being shot, according to the warrant.

It also says McDonald left his cell phone at the scene, and it showed he had talked with Liddell for three minutes shortly before the shooting at 7:18 p.m.

The warrant for Stephon Mclain tells a similar story but with a different shooter.

Mclain's warrant states that Mclain and McDonald were together before and after the shooting, arranging to meet with Liddell at the University Place apartments.

However in Mclain's warrant, it says McDonald told investigators that he was present for the shooting, but that Mclain actually shot Liddell three times.

The warrant also states that a .40 caliber handgun was used in the shooting.

WPDE NewsChannel 15 spoke with Greg McCollum, the lawyer that is representing McDonald.

McCollum says his client has a different story than what either warrant says.

McDonald told his lawyer that Mclain and Liddell were together in a vehicle at University Place and McDonald got in the vehicle with them.

McDonald said Mclain was in the driver's seat, McDonald was in the front passenger seat, and that Liddell was in the back of the vehicle.

In McDonald's version of the story, Mclain pulled a gun on him, Liddell jumped in front of him to stop it, and Mclain shot Liddell.

McDonald should be viewed as a victim of a robbery and not a murder suspect, according to his lawyer.

McCollum believes the entire incident was drug related over marijuana.