New car seat inspection requirements released; Is your child safe?

The latest advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics will change how many parents buckle up their children before going for a drive.

Among the full list of recommendations, keeping the child's car seat faced away from the driver until they're two years old. Before that, it had been on e years of age.

Saturday afternoon many parents were learning that and many other corrections to car seats at the Kangaroo Pouch. Myrtle Beach Police and fire departments gave out free car seat inspections. The store gave away gift cards as an incentive.

Among those taking advantage, parents Justin and Angela Jordan. They have 10 month old twins. The family estimates they spend about four hours a week in the car together.

"I mean, I feel pretty confident in my abilities to install a seat but you never know," said Justin.

The inspection takes a matter of minutes, but a certified car seat instruct or must take a 40 hour class to know what they are looking for.

"In the car seats today we're looking for that it's the appropriate seat for the child size. As a child grows they have to adjust the seat size," said Technician Matthew Lincoln.

Experts were also looking to make sure car seat straps fit properly to hold the child in the seat securely, and to see if the seats are installed properly. The common mistakes, Lincoln said, typically involve how families buckle their child into the car seat.

"{Some are} using both the seat belt and latch system together and the car seats are rated or the other." He continued, "putting them both on, you would think would be extra secure but it's actually putting more stress on it."

Even the Jordan's make a common mistake, putting up toys on their children's car seats and mirrors in their vehicle to make sure they can see the babies as they're driving.

"We like to tell people it could be dangerous with those mirrors because in an accident it could go flying because you're moving at a high rate of speed , " Lt. Christian Sliker t old the couple.