Neighborhoods along the Waccamaw River start to dry out

People living by the Waccamaw River have started to see the water recede from their yards.

This is especially true for residents at Lees Landing Circle near Conway. A couple weeks ago, their homes and yards had been taken over by several feet of water after a streak of wet weather hit the area.

On Tuesday, there were clear signs of life along the road. Instead of pools of water in people's backyards, driveways and grass were visible again.

Residents have finally noticed things starting get back to normal.

"Everyone can get in and out of their own homes. Everything has gone down," said Rodrigo Martinez.

However, as the water goes down, residents are starting to see what is left behind.

"It has left nothing but a mess for everyone around here to clean up every single day," said Lucas Williams.

Williams spent Tuesday afternoon pressure-washing his driveway, which was soiled from the dirt left behind from the flooding.

"I have the pressure-washer out cleaning up all the concrete from where the stuff settled from the river. It turned everything brown," Williams said.

The clean-up isn't the only thing that still remains after the flooding. Residents also said there has been a very strong algae odor around their homes. Admittedly though, residents said it all comes with the territory of living by the river

Although there are improvements, flooding still exists in some areas. Residents believe it will take another couple weeks until everything is completely dried out.