Neighborhood turning over new leaf by planting flowers

Residents in
northwest Florence are planting flowers, trees and plants to spruce up their community.

They're building
a park complete with three gardens and a walking trail.

say the change of scenery is a welcome sight. The intersection of Simmons and Ingram streets was home to an abandoned house that residents say had become a haven for crime.

"It was just a sore eye to the neighborhood," said Mary Grant.

The residents say the city demolished the home at their request.

The community is now working with city officials to
give the neighborhood a new look.

"You run into some rough spots, but you can break through them

. A

nd you have a great team working together," said Teresa Ervin, Florence City Council.

"It's all a part of neighborhood redevelopment. And we all know that neighborhood redevelopment starts at the grass roots level like this and begins to grow outward, " said Anson Shells, Florence City Police.

The city is also
working on neighborhoods in the eastern and northern parts of Florence.