Nearly 70 dogs removed from Mullins home

Nearly 70 dogs were removed from a home on Millers Road in Mullins, Thursday evening, according to Jennifer Nall, with Paws to the Rescue.

Nall says the dog pens were muddy and filled with water, but the dogs appeared to be well fed.

She says animal control removed the dogs because a Mullins city ordinance only allows residents to have three dogs.

Nall says the owner meant well but was just in over his head.

He's signed over custody of all of the dogs to Paws to the Rescue, according to Nall.

She says the shelter is in the process of evaluating the animals.

The dogs will be vaccinated and tested for heart worms.

Nall says a two of the animals have some health issues including a tumor and leg injury.

Once the animals have been given a clean bill of health, Nall says they'll be put up for adoption and sent to other rescue groups.

The shelter is taking donations to help with the care of the dogs. You can mail your donation to 123 Dog and Cat Court, Mullins, S.C. 29574. You can also go to the shelter's website at