Nature trail opens in Florence community

The City of Florence held a dedication for the Dorothy Hines nature trail in the Williams Heights community.

About 75 people gathered for the ceremony, including Florence Mayor Stephen Wukela.

The trail and is about a half mile long and starts at the entrance of the community on North Irby Street.

It is named in honor of Dorothy Hines. She's lived in Williams Heights for nearly 40 years and is credited with working to make positive changes and improvements in her neighborhood.

"We also have a place now where we can come and walk. And have different types of fellowship. So, it also represents stability in your community," said Hines.

Hines is also a registered nurse and believes the nature trail will prove to improve the health of people in her community.

"Walking is one of the cheapest exercises that you can do. One of the safest. And it doesn't take a whole lot. When you walk consistently that helps you health wise.

Florence Mayor Stephen Wukela took part in the ceremony and says the city was more than willing to see that Williams Heights gained a nature trail.

William Heights was one of the first African American subdivisions developed in the City of Florence more than 40 years ago.