Nationwide immigration rally brings Grand Strand residents to the streets

People from hundreds of cities across the nation took the streets to excersize their freedom of speech. Their main message; secure our borders.

In South Carolina, residents gathered in seven different locations to raise their signs and protest against immigration reform.

"This rally is raelly for the illegal immigration problem that we have. Our southern border is wide open right now and they are pouring across bringing all sorts of problems," said Marcia Keck, a protester at Saturday's rally.

About a dozen protestors gathered underneathe highway 17 overpass on 544.

It's part of what people are calling the largest coordinated protest against immigration reform.

Protesters wore their red, white and blue and held signs and American flags.

"It's all over the state it's all over the nation this event. We are trying to bring awareness to people that are out here traveling of how critical it is that we do our duty and obey the laws that are there for the border," said Janet Specer, a protester. "We don't need all these illegal immigrants that are over here that have not been checked out. Our country needs to enforce the laws that are on the books and try to restore our freedom."

People sang 'God Bless America' as people drove by and honked their horns in support of their messages.

"America is the last best hope for this world and that's why people are flocking over our border and we don't want to lose it," said Keck. "Freedom of speech and its truth and justice for all. We have to be here to tell the truth."

The protesters at the rally near Surfside hoped their messages will bring awareness to those that drive by and read their signs. They say the only way to change the issues about illegal immigration are rallies like the one Saturday. They believe it's not so much about the individual numbers but the overall power of their words that makes all the difference.

"America is my home and I am going to do whatever it takes to defend it," said Mike Butryn, a protester.

Saturday's rally in Myrtle Beach is one of seven that took place across South Carolina since Friday.