National Weather Service evaluates tornado damage

National Weather Service team evaluated Saturday's tornadoes in Horry County

Saturday afternoon people living in Socastee and Burgess reported seeing a tornado. Before WPDE NewsChannel 15 could officially say Saturday's funnels were in fact tornadoes, meteorologists with the National Weather Service needed to evaluate the damage. After taking a look at aftermath on Sunday they confirmed two tornadoes touched down in Horry County.

John Vandelinder was at his friend's house in the Amberfield subdivision in Socastee Saturday when he saw a tornado.

"It just came across the lake from the left to the right," Vandelinder explained.

On Sunday, the National Weather Service team conducted a survey to determine the tornado's size and estimate wind speeds.

"Sometimes you see the pictures you can't tell if it's actually touching the ground or not, which is why we need to see what actually happened from the rotation of the storm," explained science and operations officer Reid Hawkins.

The team evaluated both Cameron Village and Amberfield. They talked with homeowners and took pictures of damage.

Hawkins added that part of their evaluation also comes from those who saw it first hand. "We actually have people who are monitoring that or a person monitoring the social media to help us to get the latest information."

Although no one was injured in the tornadoes, Hawkins said people could have been injured by debris flying around. "That's the point where you have to make sure that you get inside or lowest you can and get as many walls between you and the outside."

Hawkins added that you need to do everything you can to shield yourself from any windows. As for Vandelinder, he said he's just thankful Saturday's tornadoes didn't last long.

Information from the National Weather Service's evaluation will also go out to homeowners so they can use it on insurance claims.