National group helping to solve 16 cases in Florence County

Clartha Epps McLeod of Florence County has been missing since January 2009.

The Community United Effort, or CUE, held a news conference Friday afternoon at the Florence County Sheriff's Office as part of its "On The Road To Remember" tour.

The group wants to raise awareness about unsolved murders and missing people, including Clartha Epps McLeod of Florence County.

She's been missing since January of 2009.

"We're seeking information to help get these people home and this case is very special to us down here. We hope to get some kind of resolution to it very soon," said Monica Caison, CUE.

McLeod's family took part in the news conference. They say they feel as if they're living a nightmare.

"It's hard. It's hard because every time you hear of someone that has been unidentified or somebody who's missing or any story on the news where there's no name, you know we immediately jump to our defenses," said Maggie Davis, McLeod's granddaughter.

After the news conference, McLeod's family released balloons in memory of her.