Name of Clio murder victim released

Marlboro County Coroner Tim Brown says Freddie Brown was shot to death.

He was found in his home on Bishop Street in Clio around 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Brown says he's not sure if the victim was shot at his home, but he knows he died there.

Clio Police Chief, Pearlie Thomas, says Brown's brother found him dead inside the home and went next door for help.

Chief Thomas says the neighbor called 911 Marlboro County Communications and dispatchers notified police and emergency services.

Thomas says his officers, along with deputies with the Marlboro County Sheriff's Office secured the scene and worked to gather evidence.

A crowd of people congregated at the scene. Many of them relatives and close friends of Brown.

His cousin Kathy Dupree says she got off of work when she heard he had been killed.

"It was a dream. I was devastated. Don't remember driving here but I'm here," said Dupree.

Dupree says she can't understand why anyone would want to harm Brown.

"He was a sweet person, giving and loved his children his family and very playful at times talkative and he's going to be greatly missed," said Dupree.

Chief Thomas says Brown's car is missing from his home. He says deputies with the Dillon County Sheriff's Office found a badly burned car near the South of the Border amusement park.

Deputies in Dillon County say they're working to determine the model of the car. They're hoping to make a determination as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Chief Thomas says they're continuing to rundown leads to develop leads on a suspect.