Myrtle Beach woman seeks signatures of people who want dead dog's handler charged

A Myrtle Beach woman is using an online petition to get support for charging the Bennettsville police officer who left his police dog in a car, causing the dog's death.

Christie Chestnut has created an account on, which is a website that gathers petitions from around the world.

Chestnut wants the officer to be treated as she says a citizen would be.

"They seem to somehow make up excuses for him, maybe because he's an officer, but I do believe that if it was an average citizen, like us, then we would have been in jail already. I just want equal justice," Chestnut added.

Chestnut created the page Thursday afternoon and so far, nearly 150 people have already signed.

She says there have been comments left by people from all over, including Canada and Australia, agreeing with her call for harsher punishment.

Officer Robert Miller was suspended for 60 days without pay, and will have a 90 day probationary period.

He was also banned from working in the K9 unit again.

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