Myrtle Beach woman remembers brother lost on 9/11

9/11 was a a tragic day for our nation. For one Myrtle Beach woman, it was a tragedy for her family.

Maureen Cerami lost her brother on 9/11. "He was just somebody that everyone loved. He was just one of these really great people."

Lt. Timothy Higgins died when the World Trade Center towers fell on 9/11. Maureen wants to make sure we all remember him. "He was the type of person that anybody would follow anywhere and obviously, they did," she told us.

Cerami has made her home a virtual shrine to Higgins and others who died on 9/11. There's a United States flag in front of her house imprinted with the names of all the victims, including her brother.

She has a cross near her front door made from the wreckage of the Twin Towers, with her brother's picture attached.

Lt. Higgins was in Unit 252 of the Special Operations Command. Cerami calls them the rescuer of the rescuers. "He went in," she said, "And he came out and he went back in."

Minutes after Higgins responded to a mayday call from a fellow firefighter, the tower came down. Higgins' body was removed from the rubble 19 days later.

Cerami says it was devastating, because she came from a family of firefighters. When she moved to Myrtle Beach 4 years ago, she was disappointed by the lack of 9/11 observances in the area. There are plenty of ceremonies all over New York, she says. "But see I'm a New Yorker that's living in 'The South.' I'm not going to let anybody forget it."

Cerami says the nation can begin by making September 11th a national holiday.

As for fanatical responses to 9/11, like the proposed burning of the Quaran in Florida, Cerami calls that ridiculous. "It's one percent of fanatics that did this, it's not the whole Muslim community."

If you can't make it to a ceremony on 9/11, Cerami suggests you do something small but meaningful, at the moment in time when the towers fell. "Stand where you are and have a moment of silence," she suggests. "Light a candle that day. Remember all of those that we lost."

In past years, Cerami has attended a candlelight observance of 9/11 in North Myrtle Beach and she'll be there this year, too.

She says she's felt a lot of love and kindness there and it's good to know, southerners have not forgotten 9/11.

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