Myrtle Beach woman cited for leaving dog in hot car

A Myrtle Beach woman has been cited, after police said she left her dog in her hot car, according to the police report.

Sarah Jane Bassler, 30, was cited for Abandoned/Mistreated Animals.

Myrtle Beach police officers were called to the parking lot of The Golden Corral on Oak Forest Lane Sunday after 3 p.m.

They got a call about a dog locked in a vehicle.

Officers saw the black Pit/Lab mix inside the car, according to the report.

They said the windows were cracked a couple of inches and the dog was "panting heavily with syrupy drool."

It was 84 degrees outside at the time, and it was 105 degrees inside the car, according to the report.

Police said there was no water for the dog.

When Bassler walked out of the restaurant, she was cited.

The report said she paid the $262 bond amount and a court date of July 9th was given.