Myrtle Beach will review laws restricting adult businesses

Horry County passed new restrictions on adult businesses last year. Now, the city of Myrtle Beach's will consider some new limits of its own.

City council has started the ball rolling to take a look at the city's adult ordinance and see if any changes are needed.

The city has a zoning law that does much the same thing as the restrictions approved by Horry County Council last September that place limits on where adult businesses can operate.

But city officials say in light of the action the county has taken on adult oriented businesses, it's a good time for the city to check up on its own ordinance.

That doesn't necessarily mean city council will make any wholesale changes.

Spokesman Mark Kruea says the city's adult ordinance has been in place for many years, seems to be working fairly well and may not need to be amended.

But city council passed a measure Tuesday that calls for a review of the current adult zoning law and in the meantime halts any more adult businesses from starting up.

"That says we're going to look at this in depth over the next period of time and while we're looking at this, no new businesses can come in to the zone where we currently allow those businesses," Kruea said.

Kruea says there is no time frame for the review, but it will be a fairly in depth look that could take three months, six months or a year.

During that time, city council will consider what are called illustrative examples of changes that could be made to the law to further restrict adult businesses.

Kruea says the three current adult businesses in the city include two clubs on Seaboard Street and one on Mr. Joe White Avenue.

None of the strip clubs on U.S. 501 are within city limits. They fall under the county law.