Myrtle Beach suspect accused of threatening man with knife

A Myrtle Beach man is facing Assault, Burglary, and Weapons charges after police said he went into a home and pulled a knife on a man.

On Monday night around 10:15 p.m. Myrtle Beach police were called to 407 5th Avenue North on reports of a suspicious man.

The victim told officers that Anthony Desmond Booker, 44, of Myrtle Beach entered the house and approached him with an extended lock blade knife.

According the Myrtle Beach Police report, the victim said Booker did not try to stab him, but said "I'm going to get you."

The victim said in self defense he grabbed a broom and hit Booker two or three times in the face, then he and a witness removed Booker from the house.

According to police, Booker has minor cuts to his face.

The victim said he knew the offender from previous physical altercations that happened in the house.

Booker had a trespass warning against him, and was arrested for trespassing. He is listed as homeless in the report.

Police sent warrants to the Clerk of Courts for Burglary First Degree, Possesion of a knife during the commission of a crime, and Assault.