Myrtle Beach spending $10 million to make beach and ocean safer

Myrtle Beach voted to spend $10 million on replacing nine stormwater drains on the beach with two underground concrete pipes that will go directly in the ocean.

Myrtle Beach residents will see their stormwater bills increase by 75 cents a month, beginning in June.

Nine stormwater drains will be removed from 8th avenue to 1st avenue. Two concrete pipes will be placed underground at 4th avenue that will jut 1,200 feet into the ocean.

"Once the storm water is introduced to the salt water the bacteria is killed immediately so again it does improve the entire situation," said Bill Oliver, the Director of Public Works for Myrtle Beach.

The main reason the stormwater pipes are being replaced is because of the bacteria that flows from the pipes.

The city of Myrtle Beach is currently applying for a loan from the state to pay initial costs.

If the loan goes through, the stormwater bill increase would start in July.

Construction will begin on October 1 and continue through the end of October 2014.

This is the fourth time Myrtle Beach has replaced sewer drains along the beach with outfall pipes, and they hope to do it again.

"We're very proud of what we've done in the past and we'll be doing it in the future," said Oliver.

These outfalls are all off of the North avenues.