Myrtle Beach scraps annexation plans

A map of the proposed annexation area.

The Myrtle Beach City Council voted at its meeting Tuesday afternoon to scrap the planned annexation of more than 600 acres and several car dealerships, according to Myrtle Beach spokesman Mark Kruea.

"The residents can bring a petition if they want to be annexed, but we will not be moving forward with the annexation at this time," he said.

This move comes after voting results from July 15 were found to be invalid. According to annexation law, the election has to take place in the areas being impacted by the annexation, which are in Horry County, but the city held the voting at polling places in Myrtle Beach, Kruea said.

The July 15 vote was 56 to 24 in favor of the annexation.

Kruea said if the council had decided on another election they would have had to verify all of the signatures on the petition again.

"We are unable to do that because so many of the residents have changed, moved or died, so we are going to let the annexation issue drop," he said.