Myrtle Beach restaurant owner thinks back on his manager's life

Highway Patrol said a restaurant manager was hit by a drunk driver Sunday in Horry County and died two days later.

As Rossi's restaurant owner Deane Morris thinks back on the life of manager and longtime friend Jeffrey Scott Rosencrans, he can't help but smile.

"He was real happy go lucky. He always had some funny story to tell us. He just always smiled."

Morris added that Rosencrans struggled in accepting compliments.

"He just kind of grinned at me and looked down but I told him that he had become a true restauranteur and I was very proud of him. He was like my son," he said.

Rosencrans was hit by a drunk driver at the intersection of Highway 17 Bypass and Lake Arrowhead Road, an intersection Morris says is prone to wrecks.

"It should have had an overpass somewhere for pedestrians, it's a pretty dangerous area. Cars go kind of fast in that area," Morris explained.

The intersection is just half a mile away from the restaurant where Rosencrans worked for 22 years. Now that Rosencrans is gone, Morris said he will continue to make others smile because he's an organ donor.

"Scotty would be real proud to know that he had given life to I'm sure at least six people."

Morris hopes his heart lives on in someone else.

Robert Sulem, 41, was charged with Driving under the Influence for the wreck.

Highway Patrol said that charge could be upgraded once the investigation is complete.