Myrtle Beach Regional EDC approaches deadline for job creation

It's been two years since Horry County Council voted to fund an Economic Development Corporation to bring jobs to the county.

By June 30 of this year, the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation was to bring 500 jobs to Horry County.

To date they have committed 458.

"In 2012, one year, we had five announcements, 458 new jobs committed, and so I think think under anybody's metric it'd be hard to say we haven't been effective," said MBREDC President Brad Lofton.

Those announcements include creating a call center with Frontier, and a brand new headquarters for Bauschlinneman.

They also expanded companies Native Sons and Canfor Southern Pine.

Lofton hopes these companies will create more stable jobs to add to the tourism jobs Myrtle Beach has.

"We never want to see tourism go away, it's been great for Myrtle Beach, but we do want to see some of those long term stable job opportunities for folks, and they're coming!" said Lofton.

Currently out of the 458 jobs committed, only 251 people are actually currently employed.

"'That's the problem. What's W2's versus contracted jobs, how do you count them? So we just did away with it," said councilman Gary Loftus.

Tuesday night Horry County Council asked the county's lawyer to draft a new contract for the MBREDC that would get rid of the quota of jobs the corporation must bring to the county.

It would also include taking away the annual incentive budget of $500,000, as well as reduce their three year contract to two.

The public would also get a chance to vote in 2014 on whether to continue the service.

Council will vote on June 4 to make those changes to the EDC contract.