Myrtle Beach police warning of phone scam

Myrtle Beach police want to remind you that law enforcement officers would never call you and request any payment information over the phone. If you receive a call similar to the one outlined in the police report below, call police as soon as possible.

On August 3, a woman in Myrtle Beach told officers she had been receiving phone calls from someone saying he was Lt. Johnathan Banks with Badge #8836 from the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

The caller told the woman he had a warrant for her arrest for failing to report for jury duty. The victim said that she told him that she had never received a notice for jury duty and the caller said that he had officers nearby to come pick her up and take her to jail for that warrant, but that it could all be avoided.

The caller advised her that she could give him her credit card number over the phone so he could charge it for the fees involved with voiding the warrant, and when the victim stated that she was always told not to give out her credit card number over the phone, the caller kept repeating that she could go to jail for this and that he wasn`t going to be talked to like that and that he would just have to send an officer over to pick her up.

The victim said to help verify who he was, she asked the caller for a phone number, and when she called that number, the person who answered verified the original caller`s story.

The victim stated that she told him that she could go to the police station to sort it out, but the caller told her not to go. The caller was also said to have continued threatening jail for the victim if she hung up on him.

The victim said that she finally relented and gave the caller her credit card number, and she immediately realized her error and called the company to cancel the card.

She said they advised that there was already a pending purchase in the amount of $962, and the credit card company managed to stop the charge once she verified she did not make it.

She said that they also cancelled the credit card so there would be no further problems.

Myrtle Beach police say there is no Lt. Johnathan Banks with the given badge number at the Myrtle Beach Police Department, and their officers would never ask for banking information over the phone. Any contact involving any payments would be done in-person at the Clerk of Court


s office.