Myrtle Beach police release Bike Fest statistics

Statistics released Friday by Myrtle Beach police show a much busier Memorial Day weekend than last year.

The Atlantic Beach Bike Fest is held each year on Memorial Day weekend. But, the report does not distinguish between arrests or citations of Bike Fest attendees and other tourists.

The report shows things like arrests, motorcycle thefts, and noise complaints going back to 2003.

The city of Myrtle Beach saw 148 traffic collisions. That's up from 124 last year.

There were four deadly motorcycle wrecks in the city limits. That's the highest since 2003.

The city received 84 loud noise complaints from citizens and issued 70 noise tickets this year.

In terms of what the city deems "serious crimes" in the report, there were 47 drug possession or sales incidents, five armed robberies, and 37 stolen vehicles.

You can see the full list of statistics by clicking here.