Police put plans in place to handle summer traffic as visitors flood into Myrtle Beach

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As the summer season comes closer, it's becoming even more impossible to avoid traffic.

Right now, crowds are here for the Spring Harley Rally. Then, in just a few days, Memorial Day Weekend will bring another Bikefest. Right after that, there's the Carolina Country Music Fest.

With so many people in the area, police say they are continuously working to make sure that they're prepared to handle the traffic.

SomeGrand Strand residents say they try not to even leave their homes during this time of year, at least if they can help it.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department said they know the summer time struggle. So, this year, they've come up with something they hope will help ease it a little.

Officials say, thanks to a few hard lessons learned in summers past, they're better prepared than ever.

"Post-event, you have a critique. From those things you learn at critique, you change something each and every year, because you do learn something that could be done better," said Lt. Joey Crosby with the department.

He said, whether it's a major problem or a minor problem, they've got a plan.

"And also, we look at the very small things, such as how do we get information to the attendees. And, that's why we utilize things such as the ambassador programs. So, when you plan out special events, you look at the very small things and up to the very big events and things that could happen," he said.

This year, during Memorial Day Weekend they're trying something new.

For those who truly hate traffic, instead of calling the non-emergency police number, you can call 9-1-8 INFO for traffic information. An operator will let you know the bike route and ways you can avoid it.

9-1-8 INFO will become available Memorial Day Weekend, starting on that Friday and running through Monday morning.

For a look at the bike loop, click here.

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