Myrtle Beach police investigating car arson

Myrtle Beach police are investigating an arson case after a car was set on fire around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday on Highway 15.

Police responded to Browns Mobile Home Park where one witness walking her dog said she noticed a suspicious white four-door sedan pull into the neighborhood near the house where the car caught fire, according to a police report.

The witness said she confronted the driver of the sedan and the driver said she was picking someone up when she saw two men wearing hooded sweatshirts, running down the street, jump into the car.

The witness then noticed a car was on fire.

The car then sped off, cutting through the parking lot of Al's Food Mart, the report stated.

The witness' husband pursued the vehicle down Highway 15 and onto 17th Avenue South, before the car disappeared into one of the neighborhoods.

Residents tried to put out the fire themselves with a garden hose, but broke the PVC water pipe in the process, according to the police report.

Fire investigators determined that there was accelerants on the vehicle and said that they were probably poured on the top of the back of the car.

Anyone with more information about this fire is urged to call Myrtle Beach police.