Myrtle Beach police investigate armed robbery

Myrtle Beach police are investigating an armed robbery that happened at a home the morning after Christmas.

Police were called to 1210 Ragin St. around 4:30 Wednesday morning.

According to the police report, the first victim said he was sleeping on the couch when the door was forced open.

He said a suspect put a gun to his head, claiming he would shoot everyone in the house if the man moved.

The victim also told police that he recognized the voice of the suspect who was wearing a black ski mask. He thinks the man is the cousin of a woman who was asleep in the house in her bedroom the whole time.

According to the report, a second victim said he was sitting on his bed in a back bedroom when the offender came into the room and put a gun to his head. The man demanded pills and money.

The second victim also thought he recognized the voice as the cousin of the woman.

The first victim said the offender was at the home on Christmas Day to wish him a Merry Christmas.