Myrtle Beach PD makes more DUI arrests in 2014

The Myrtle Beach Police Department's Traffic Division has released it's mid-year progress report.

The statistics show several areas of improvement, which include making more DUI-related arrests over last year.

According to the division's statistics, there have been 222 DUI arrests made so far this year. Last July, there were 202. That is a nine percent increase.

The increase in DUI arrests can be linked to more officers patrolling the streets, according to Corporal Kevin Cast of the Myrtle Beach Police Department's Traffic Division Unit.

Cast also says the added enforcement is now used more frequently when tourism is at its peak in the city.

"Instead of focusing more on the busier weekends, some of these events last during the week. And we've spread some of those officers and those resources out during the week," Cast said.

More recently, newer officers hired by the police department have more advanced skill sets when it comes to detecting a drunk drivers than in years past.

Cast says the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy has started to certify its students in advanced DUI detection.

Previously, newer officers typically had to wait until after they were hired to receive that type of training.

"Now we get these officers certified out of the academy with this training, so already they're ready to better detect impaired drivers," Cast said.

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety has an ongoing statewide initiative called Target Zero, which aims to have zero traffic-related fatalities throughout the state.

To learn more about Target Zero, click here.