Myrtle Beach mayor talks about surviving an aneurysm

It's been six weeks since Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes showed symptoms of an aneurysm during the Beach Ball Classic basketball tournament December 27.

He had to have emergency surgery two days later on his brain.

Mayor Rhodes' symptoms took a dramatic turn at the basketball tournament, when the mayor says the players on the court started looking blurry. Friends sitting next to him told him he looked flushed and convinced him to get his blood pressure taken by a nearby paramedic.

Mayor Rhodes blood pressure was 210/130, and he was taken to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center for testing.

Doctors told him he had a brain aneurysm and that he was being taken to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston for surgery. Doctors operated on his brain and repaired the aneurysm, which had been bleeding through endo-vascular coils.

The symptoms of a heart attack are pretty well known, but Rhodes says the aneurysm took him by surprise.

"That's the thing, if we've got tightness in the chest, and pains in the arms we know we have better get checked out for a possible heart problem. But for an aneurysm, we haven't been told the symptoms to look for," said Rhodes.

Mayor Rhodes is making a full recovery and says he's planning on running again for mayor.

To see his full interview, click here.

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