Myrtle Beach man arrested for illegal tattooing

Myrtle Beach police arrested a man for illegally tattooing, according to the police report.

Christopher David Giggey, 34, was charged with Unlawful Tattooing on Tuesday.

Myrtle Beach Street Crimes Unit officers started investigating Giggey last Friday after learning he had tattooed a friend for free in a hotel room on North Ocean Boulevard, the report said.

During an interview at his home on Chester Street, Giggey told officers he had been tattooing since he was ten years old and was taught by his father. Giggey also told police he didn't have a licence and hadn't taken any blood borne pathogen courses required by the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Giggey turned his tattooing equipment over to police and said he had only tattooed his girlfriend and his friend at the hotel.