Myrtle Beach man accused of stealing electricity from neighbors

Michael Wixted Faile, 31, of Myrtle Beach is being held in the Myrtle Beach Jail without bond, after police arrested him on Monday.

He is facing charges of Theft of Electric Current, among others.

Police said on December 18, 2012, they were called to a home on 28th Avenue North on a report of a tenant stealing electricity from his neighbors.

The owner of the property said Faile was running an extension cord from his apartment, plugging it into his neighbors' outlets.

An officer confirmed that he saw a long extension cord running from Faile's unit into a neighbor's power outlet on her back porch, according to the police report.

The officer noticed "several other wires leading throughout the rest of the apartment" from Faile's extension cord.

The property owner said Faile had been doing that for quite some time.

He said Faile plugged into another neighbor's outlet when she was out of town