Myrtle Beach International Airport serving fewer passengers

The number of people flying in and out of Myrtle Beach International Airport has decreased over this time last year.

According to airport records, the number of passengers flying out of Myrtle Beach in October was down 16 percent, and the number of passengers flying into Myrtle Beach International was down 13.7 percent compared to last October.

In a press release, airport officials blamed the fall in passengers to the reductions of flights offered by airlines.

Seat capacity was also down approximately 17 percent compared to October 2011, said airport spokesman Kirk Lovell.

The airlines that decreased in passengers over past year are Porter (-11.4%), United/Continental (-31%), US Airways (-0.1%) and Direct Air (-100%). Direct Air shut down operations in March 2012.

The airlines to see increased activity over last October were Spirit (+00.3%) and Delta Airlines (+1.4).

Airport officials pointed out Hurricane Sandy reached landfall October 29, 2012 and caused flight delays and cancellations through end of October.

The report shows a trend that's reoccuring at the airport.

Officials have seen a decrease in the number of passengers in every month in 2012.

This July, the number of people flying out of Myrtle Beach decreased by 24.7 percent compared to last year, the largest decrease this year.