Myrtle Beach International Airport prepares for winter storm

It's been nearly three years since the last major snow storm hit our area and Myrtle Beach International Airport officials and crews are not taking any chances when it comes to the storm that will impact our area on Tuesday and Wednesday.

As our area braces for snow, sleet and even freezing rain, airport officials explained that they're not taking the forecast lightly.

"The airport is ready. It's a matter if we can get in front of the storm and keep up with it," said Myrtle Beach International Airport Marketing Director Kirk Lovell.

Lovell added that they'll do everything they can to keep the airport open and operating during the storm, but when it comes to flights landing and taking off, their first priority is safety.

"It's really about doing the plow on the runway and doing regular testing to ensure there's friction and the aircraft can accelerate for taking off."

With a limited amount of salting equipment and plows, Lovell explained that crews will be working around the clock. "Keeping our lights visible, keeping our signs cleared so we can do everything that we possibly can with our available supplies and materials."

According to Lovell, one thing the airport doesn't have is deicers, which could also place another challenge on operations.

With that being said, Lovell's best advice if you're flying these next few days is to call your airline ahead of time. "They really need to check before they arrive at the airport to find out the status of their flights."

If conditions do get bad enough, Lovell explained that the tower and Horry County Department of Airports can make an executive decision to close the air field.