Myrtle Beach High baseball team inspires woman by shaving heads

The Myrtle Beach High School baseball team is turning heads.

"They are a bunch of knuckleheads from time to time," said head coach Tim Christy. "They immediately texted me pictures of them all."

The fearless band of brothers shaved their heads as a team, committing to one another, but also committed to inspire.

"It's definitely different when it's for something like that, and it's affecting you and your teammates," said Senior Cody Clark.

"It was my idea, as well as some of my teammates," said Junior Sean Michael Orcutt. "They supported me every which way there was."

Unlike other baseball players who do things for superstition, these young men chose to shave their hair because one of their biggest fans had no choice whether she'd lose hers.

In November, Sean Michael's mom, Jackie, was diagnosed with cancer.

"We've tried to embrace it in a very positive way," said Jackie.

The boys decided to join her for what she says is one of the hardest parts she's had to face.

"It's probably the most important part you really think about and you worry about it," said Jackie. "But it makes you realize that other things count too."

And while the sacrifice by the players may look small to some, to Jackie it's meant the world.

Jackie is in her last few treatments of chemotherapy, and her doctors expect her to make a full recovery.

"I will never forget it for sure. I go to all the games, and I just want to hug each one of them everyday, because it really means a lot."

"If something were to happen with one of them, I would do the same for them and so would everybody else," said Sean Michael of his teammates.

Giving meaning to the saying there's no "I" in team, but inside this one, there's a lot of heart.

"Wins and losses come and go," said Christy. "But memories never fade."