Myrtle Beach does Time Square celebration "Southern Style"

Tuesday is New Year's Eve and while New York is miles away from Myrtle Beach, the Grand Strand wants to throw a party that rivals the one in Times Square.

"We'll have the Time Square televised from New York and we'll have the ball in front of that so they'll both drop at the same time," explained the Market Common General Manager Brooke Doswell.

That ball Doswell is referring to is about 4 feet in diameter, covered with mirrors and will be dropped from a crane at midnight.

Although it's nowhere close to the 12,000 pound crystal ball towering over New York, it's a start, especially considering planning for the inaugural event started less than a month ago.

"We were going to make a ball, we were going to order a ball, we didn't know where we were going to get a ball to drop," Doswell added.

But, just in time. they found one and revellers planning to attend the celebration say they're not too concerned with the glamor of the ball, just that an event like this is being held in Myrtle Beach.

"You got to start somewhere. You start off with the small ball and then you grow," said Ken Anderson, who plans on attending Tuesday night's event.

"My life's dream has been to be in New York City for the ball dropping, so this will now be taken off my bucket list," said Debbie Anderson.