Myrtle Beach could ban tents on the beach

Myrtle Beach's Beach Advisory Committee met Wednesday and decided to recommend to city council that tents be banned from the beach during the summer.

It heard from lifeguard service representatives who say the tents are dangerous because lifeguards can't see over them and a nuisance because they take up so much room.

City council is expected to take up the recommendation at its July 9 meeting.

Some Grand Strand visitors are not thrilled about the possible ban.

"I wouldn't come to the beach. It would just not make sense to come and sit and have to run back and forth thinking I've been outside long enough, let me go in for a couple hours and come back in a little bit," says Beth Gray-Robertson of North Carolina.

The tent rules were changed in June of 2012, requiring people to set up tents on or behind the line of umbrellas on the beach and at or above the high tide line.

At a recent Coastal Alliance meeting, the mayor of North Myrtle Beach also expressed concern about tent rules in her city. Mayor Marilyn Hatley said the city's ten foot separation rule is too hard to enforce. Any changes to North Myrtle Beach's tent rules would also have to be approved by its city council.

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