Myrtle Beach City Council says Jetpack Adventures can stay open

Jetpack Adventures in Myrtle Beach can stay open

On Tuesday, the Myrtle Beach City Council decided not to alter beach regulations dealing with water sports and their operation.

This comes after Councilman Wayne Gray brought the issue forward, saying he didn't think the current ordinance allowed Jetpack Adventures to keep their business open in Myrtle Beach.

"My application of the law is that currently the only things that are allowed are jet skis, banana boats and parasailing, anything different than that is not allowed whether it's renting a surf board, renting a catamaran or renting this jet pack," Gray explained.

The ordinance he's referring to was passed in 2011 when the City of Myrtle Beach restricted the launching of jet skis and motorboats in the summer months in certain areas, with an exception made for operators who were already licensed at the time to operate banana boats and parasailing rides. The city has granted jetpack adventures a business license.

Tuesday, council decided to take the more liberal interpretation of that, allowing Jetpack adventures to stay in business.

The sport allows customers to fly up to thirty feet above the ocean with the help of thousands of gallons of water pressure.