Myrtle Beach boardwalk expansion set to be complete in 2 weeks

Contractors say we're just two weeks away from seeing the opening of the new boardwalk expansion that connects Pier 14 with the 15th Avenue North park.

Palmetto Corp. is the company contracted to do the one-block extension and the company's spokeswoman, Sarah Jeffcoat, explained that the number of rainy days this summer as well as a delay in a delivery of specially treated materials caused a slight delay in the project.

"It had to do with how the lumber was specially treated and the type of material we were required to use," Jeffcoat added.

The boardwalk will open up at Banditos Restaurant and Cantina. Staff there say they are thrilled the project is almost complete because they expect it to bring in more customers from the beach.

"Right now you can't access the beach from here but with that opening up you know we're looking to drawing maybe people that didn't have intentions of experiencing Banditos," explained Bandito's Director of Operations Chad Griffin.

Griffin added that not only are staff looking forward to the opening of the new boardwalk but customers are too.

Myrtle Beach resident Marie Webber said she's looking forward to the added convenience.

"Several times we've been walking down the boardwalk trying to come here and we had to go around or go to the street and come back and it's much easier if we just continue on the boardwalk."

Although Banditos is paying for the expansion, it will be owned and maintained by the City of Myrtle Beach.