Myrtle Beach begins work on fourth ocean outfall

Construction is underway for the city of Myrtle Beach's fourth deepwater ocean outfall project.

Work crews will be on site at Fourth Avenue North until Spring as they install two, 84-inch diameter outfall pipes. These outfall pipes will run underground and extend 1,100 feet into the ocean.

A junction box will also be installed, and that will catch debris and grease that may be in the stormwater runoff before it is released into the pipes.

The purpose of these pipes is to carry the polluted stormwater and dump it deeper into the ocean, which is farther away from areas where most people swim.

"This will provide protection from flooding in the area, but it also will help with our water quality," said Myrtle Beach Spokesman Mark Kruea.

It also will allow the city to remove even more stormwater pipes from the beach, which will reduce beach erosion and improve the beach's overall appearance.

The outfall project will cost $10.4 million, and money for the project will come from monthly stormwater fees paid by property owners in the city.

The first phase of construction will take place on land until Spring. The majority of the beach will be off limits at that access point.

The second phase of construction will take place in the ocean starting next summer.

The entire project is expected to be finished by November 2015.

The city has outfalls at three other locations: 25th Avenue South, 14th Avenue North, and 52nd Avenue North.