Myrtle Beach approves burn ban, Myrtle Manor shop

Myrtle Beach City Council met Tuesday afternoon to discuss and address a number of area issues.

Council banned any outdoor burning of yard waste in the city limits. The ordinance does not prohibit fire pits, but they must be 15 feet away from any combustible material and no larger than three feet in diameter.

Council also approved a special event permit for Patrick's Mobile Home Park, which is now better known as "Myrtle Manor." The park is featured in the TLC show "Welcome to Myrtle Manor."

The permit would allow the park owners to open a retail shop and the hair salon featured in the show. Right now, zoning doesn't allow for retail sales in that area and rezoning the area would take a while.

The special event permit is good for 90 days and it can be renewed. They will still need a state permit to open the hair salon.

"Its become a tourist attraction itself," said Myrtle Beach spokesman Mark Kruea.

Council also voted to revoke the business licenses of sweepstakes parlors recently shut down by state police. Also, Governor Nikki Haley signed a bill Friday stating the machines are illegal and clearing any ambiguity in the 2000 video poker law.