Myrtle Beach annexation results ruled invalid

A map of the proposed annexation area.

An annexation election that was held last week will have to be re-done due to a "technicality," according to Mark Kruea, the Myrtle Beach City spokesman.

A vote to move about 600 acres from Horry County into the Myrtle Beach city limits was held July 15.

Kruea said that according to annexation law, the election has to take place in the areas being impacted by the annexation, which are in Horry County. But the city held the voting at polling places in Myrtle Beach.

"It is a technicality," Kruea said. "The simplest, easiest way to fix it is to re-do the election."

Kruea said the city will need to find polling places within the proposed annexation areas to have the voting take place once it is rescheduled by the county.

Myrtle Beach city council will meet again on August 12th to decide when to hold the new election.

Kruea said the city was following election law but that annexation law is "something different."

The vote on July 15 came out 56 to 24 in favor of the annexation.

Joyce Pryde, a resident of the Bridgeport subdivision that could annexed, said she voted in favor of the annexation and plans to do it again at the next election.

"I think we will be much better off being in the city limits. I think it has great advantages and no disadvantages what so ever," said Pryde. "We would be able to park in town and use the library."

Residents of the potential annexed areas say the city will take care of their roads and provide other amentities, like garbage service, if they are in the city limits.

Some businesses in the impacted area were against the annexati

on, saying it will mean a dramatic increase in their business license fees.

Freddie Hyatt, the owner of Hyatt Buick, said the annexation will cost him around $35,000 a year in additional license fees. A lawyer representing a couple of car dealerships, Tommy Brittain, had said a lawsuit was being considered to fight the annexation results.

"I do have to agree with them," Pryde said. "That is an awful a lot of money to pay but on the other hand I don't want us to be punished for something that's happening to them because we have absolutely nothing to do with them."

The annexation area includes the Waterside and Bridgeport subdivisions. Myrtle Beach city spokesman Mark Kruea said the area starts at the Waterside Subdivision, which is north of the airport but between U.S. 17 and the Waterway, and runs north along U.S. 17 between the Waterway and Mr. Joe White Avenue.