Myrtle Beach airport continues to rebound

The number of passengers arriving into Myrtle Beach International Airport during April 2013 was up 8.58 percent over April 2012.

In April 2013, 68,559 passengers arrived into Myrtle Beach International, or 5,418 more than same period last year. Year-to-date the airport has welcomed 201,999 arriving passengers.

"The year-over-year passenger growth is directly attributed to our airlines and for the fact they added seat capacity into our market," said Michael La Pier, Director of Airports, in a press release.

"Delta, Porter, Spirit and US Airways have all added seat capacity into the airport and based on increasing passenger levels, it is apparent passengers are taking advantage of the new service."

Here is how each compares over April last year:

· Delta Air Lines +4.56%

· Porter Airlines +5.58%

· Spirit Airlines +7.20%

· United Airlines -16.34%

· US Airways +17.13%