Myrtle Beach 9-11 memorial now being built

Ribbon beam from WTC North Tower that will be part of the Myrtle Beach memorial/George Ramos

Ground was broken on a new memorial to the victims of the terrorist attacks of 9-11 Monday night at Broadway at the Beach.

A ribbon beam from the fallen North Tower of the World Trade Center will serve as the centerpiece of the new Myrtle Beach 9-11 Memorial.

Theresa Regan was at the ceremony.

Her husband was a New York City firefighter killed responding to the attack at the World Trade Center. She says memorials like these mean a lot to victims' families. "It helps our family and other families to know that they haven't been forgotten. They will always be remembered, and what the terrible attack was on our country 10 years ago."

The memorial should be complete by the 11th anniversary of the attacks in September.